Do You Hate Writing Blog Posts?  

Newsflash: You are not alone. Literally every single tech geek I’ve ever met absolutely hates writing blog posts. (And I’ve met a lot of tech geeks.)

You know what? About 90% of business owners I’ve met hate blogging too.

And business owners who develop or resell business technology solutions? Whew! You guys really hate blogging because it takes so much time.

Consider the time it takes you to:

  • Come up with topics
  • Write
  • Edit
  • Post your blogs with images and SEO metadata (bleh)
  • Write and schedule social media shares (double-bleh!)
  • And then do it all over again two days later

That all takes a lot of time.

And while you’re wasting your time on all that stuff, you aren’t building your business and finding new clients.

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But I’ve got good news!

You just found a solution. An amazing, stupendous, time-saving, incredible solution.

You’ve found a B2B tech writer.

And she’s got time right now to write for you.

Oh. My. God.  

Scoop Up On This Now

You know, there aren’t many talented B2B tech writers out there. There sure are a lot of food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, parenting bloggers, and marketing bloggers (seriously, have you noticed?!), but B2B tech is… well, it’s not sexy and exciting, so creative types like writers aren’t typically drawn to it.

It’s especially hard to find a good writer if your B2B technology solution helps:

  • SMBs Needing IT Help
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Medical Groups
  • Mobile Field Service Techs
  • Salespeople

And the bad news is that the tech solutions for these buyers have a lot of competition – which means if you’re not standing out from the crowd, your marketing is invisible.

Being invisible certainly won’t help your sales… but what can you do? Write more blog posts? That sounds dreadful, huh?

Hiring a great writer who knows how to target those markets with SEO-friendly copy would save you from having to write blog posts all the time… but where can you find a writer like that?


Best news ever: You just found your B2B tech writer.

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