Artisanal food entrepreneurs: Do you want to…

  • Get people talking about your brand?
  • Increase sales?
  • Negotiate for better shelf space?

The artisan movement has arrived, and now is the time for you to develop a strong brand and increase sales of your unique food. Whether you sell hand-cured salami, craft beer, vegan cheese, or quinoa pasta, you’ve never had the opportunity for a better ROI on your marketing spend.

But how do you market your food so that it catches the attention of foodies, moms, health-conscious consumers, connoisseurs – and retailers? You focus on the message.

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If your food has been selling well but you’re ready to move to the next level, you need a strong marketing message, an authentic brand, and most importantly, a clear strategy.

“People are often very naïve, and think that their product is different because it tastes better. But you need to drill it down to the message.”

Barbara Lang, author of From Restaurant to Retail

Let me help you improve sales.

Hello, I’m Hilary Buckley. I’m an experienced marketer and copywriter who understands and shares your passion for food.

With 17 years of copywriting experience and a family tradition of relishing great meals, my unique qualifications are just what you need to market your specialty food item.

I can help you build brand awareness and educate your customers about why your product is the best. When you have more customers, retailers may be willing to lower your rates on prime shelf space.

There has never been a better time to grow your specialty food business, but larger retailers such as Whole Foods only offer you a six to nine month period to prove yourself before they pull your brand.

Large retailers are willing to make your product available.
I can help you sell it.