Who Is Hilary Buckley?

Hi, I’m Hilary Buckley. I’m the power behind Hilary Buckley Marketing Group, LLC. A few fun facts about me:

  • I write much more than blog posts. I also do web copy, white papers, brochures, emails, case studies, eBooks, press releases, and other handy tools for your customers and sales team.
  • I’m a trained editor. I’ve got the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition on my desk at all times and I’m also an MLA expert, if that’s more your speed. For press releases, I write in AP format because it turns out that reporters are less likely to republish something they have to edit themselves.
  • I meet deadlines. That’s why my clients love to work with me over and over. When you work with me, you can be assured that you’ll get top-notch work, delivered perfectly on time.
  • I’m one of those smiley, happy people. If you read about me in a book, you wouldn’t believe how cheerful I am… but when you talk to me, I’m pretty much guaranteed to cheer you up. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Check with one of my clients.
  • I love cats. And fountain pens. And hiking. And reading. And strong Assam tea. And rich, black coffee. And dirty martinis. And sunshine and double rainbows…. which is why I live in gorgeous New Mexico.
  • I’ve been writing for almost two decades. I know a lot about tech, especially about IT and network architecture, big data, MSPs, ERP, EDI, WMS, business intelligence, CRM, and tax software. I also know a lot about your clients’ pain points and industries: healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, logistics/fulfillment, and CPG.